100WC Week #15 Last Week


The painter sat in-front of all his paints and pencils, textas and crayons. But the problem was, that he didn’t know what to paint and it had started to worry him, because the king Dombom, himself had asked him to do a portrait to go in his throne room.


Knock! Knock! “Come innnn,” called the painter to his mysterious visitor. “It’s locked,” replied a raspy, cold voice. “Uh,” the painter sighed. The painter left his nearly done painting of the king and went and opened the door. “Oh, it’s you grandma , I need to show you something”……

I could not add this in but  really wanted to say that the painting went missing and it is all up to a few heroes to find out where it went..

One thought on “100WC Week #15 Last Week

  1. This is an interesting way to use the prompt. I would have liked to have read your ending. Just read through your writing to check that it flows correctly. You have some nice ideas, keep writing.

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