Asia Project Reflection

My project reflection:

  • Make a list of the Most      important things I learnt.

Some things I learnt were relevant to the topic of Singapore and some not so relevant at all. One thing I learnt relevant to the topic was the Government and how it worked. But I’m sort of disturbed about what I found out .

  • What can you do now that you      couldn’t do before.

I can now be very organised with my project and know how to keep everything simple on my cue cards and not  re-tell everything I wrote on the slide, but get the main idea out and easy to understand.

  • What or who helped me.

I used the internet a lot but I also made sure they were reliable sites and didn’t copy and paste it but re-wrote it in my own words. I also used a fantastic program called Microsoft Student with Encarta.


3 Facts about Singapore is:


  1. The first Prime minister was      Lee Kuan Yew.
  1. Gardens by the bay cost over      $773 million dollarts to build.
  1. The population oof Singapore      is: 5.31 million.

2 Questions about Singapore are:

  1. Was it ever its own country?
  2. What is the second worst      punishment?

1 Wondering I have is:

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