100WC Week #15 Last Week


The painter sat in-front of all his paints and pencils, textas and crayons. But the problem was, that he didn’t know what to paint and it had started to worry him, because the king Dombom, himself had asked him to do a portrait to go in his throne room.


Knock! Knock! “Come innnn,” called the painter to his mysterious visitor. “It’s locked,” replied a raspy, cold voice. “Uh,” the painter sighed. The painter left his nearly done painting of the king and went and opened the door. “Oh, it’s you grandma , I need to show you something”……

I could not add this in but  really wanted to say that the painting went missing and it is all up to a few heroes to find out where it went..

100 wc week #14

It was late at night, around about twelve, I heard a strange noise and a rather loud click. And then the noise stopped, it was an on and off thing and it was keeping me awake so I decided to investigate. My two friends slept quietly in there beds next to mine. the dorm went quiet then I heard and extremely soft click that made me want to follow it. So I did….
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”I screamed as it chased me down the corridor. “Miss what do you think your doing out of your bed at this time?” The thing had dissapered…..

100 WC week 12#

The deserted island looked scary and lonely I sat on the lonely sand and wrote a letter to someone, with a bottle sitting next to me, empty and dry. It was a letter in a bottle. A letter of hope. A letter of help. A letter of escape. A letter of fear. A letter of dreams. Dont ever give up, help is on the way and If you send a message to someone, it could mean the world the world to them. I hope you know that you are not alone there are 100’s like you out there. Were sorry… ūüôĀ

100 wc week 11#

Reading the topic for this weeks one hundred word challenge…remembering… made me think of the first time I watched; Story of my life, by One direction. It made me think of all those times I had with my family that I will never get back, it also made me cry because it reminded me of the time my loving, granddad died and brought back happy but long gone memories.

Right now when I am typing it I am aching with all those funny, fun, fantastic memories of my life. Like the time when I first got up on a water ski.

100 WC week 10#

When I was younger, my friends mum, my friend and I went for a walk in the park. There was this old pond and it had really dirty water in it and a lot of duck poo! my friend and I were chasing each other around the pond and I slipped on a rock and went flying into the pond and got completely soaked.

When I got out I smelt like a mixture of old water, duck poo and wee. My friends mum and my friend where laughing their heads off and ww walked home and would not go near me.


100 Word Challenge week9#

I stood with my back to the wall and looked at the ceiling, and then crash the violent storm was rumbling like a boulder pelting down a hill, cracking like smashed glass and as blinding as the sun. I ran to the window unaware of what laid ahead for me. “MOOO,” a cow said over the deafening noise, as it was swept of its feet. Toby my little dog ran through my bedroom door as it slammed shut and the house was lifted of the ground.

It took me a minuet to realize what happened. I was getting lifted off the ground.

100 WC week 8#

Crack! The leaves said. Sly the snake looked up and saw a strange creature looking back at him. It said to him “I am the owner of the house,” in a cold raspy voice, that sounded like a demon. “What are you?” Sly asked, “I’m¬†Hades the god of the underworld and I sent you that note and on it was my address! Can you read?” Hades answered sounding as nasty as anyone has ever heard. “Okay, with that would you like a tour?…” Sly answered in a scared voice “No, this is my house I designed it!” He replied nastily.

100 WC week #7

As I walked down the street I felt a could unwanted shiver go up my spine. I looked up and slowly the sky got darker, the screams of the kids on the night of Halloween didn’t make me feel any better. I looked down as a strange man ran at me with a knife? “Oh My God! Is that a real knife?” I asked in fear. “Little girl you might want to run,” the strange man responded.

BANG BANG! “It is time to get ready for school, Lilly!” Mum screamed in an attempt to get me out of bed. “Good Morning”…….

100 Word Challenge#6

Looking down, I was surprised to see a whole land underneath me. It felt like I belonged down there not up here breathing air. All of a sudden I felt the urge to jump in while no one was watching. 3, 2, 1. I said to myself as I took a deep breath.

The water hit me, if I was normal I would of died by hypothermia but I’m not. And then I felt my body change shape, my legs were replaced by a tail and I could breath under water. Then I heard some screaming as the people on the boat looked down…..

100 WC week 39

As I was sitting at home doing my boring home work I heard a loud siren outside. I went to go and check it out, out of pure curiosity. As I look I heard a smash and then a scream. I called for my parents but they didn’t hear me. I didn’t know what to do. I ran to the phone and dialled the police and said, “Excuse me sir I have just experienced a car crash!” The man thanked me and said they are on the way.But I wondered what I would do. Save the day is what I will do…..