Cleopatra profile and why she should be in the Hall of Fame!


Full name: Cleopatra VII (7)Philopator.

Family of origin: Ptolemy XII (12) Auletes (farther),Ptolemy XIV (16) (Younger Brother), Ptolemy (XIII) (Younger Brother), Mark Antony (Roman mark, husband), Julis Ceasar (husband, Roman ruler).

Children: Cleopatra had one son called Caserian. She had twins with Mark Antony Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene and later, on a sonPtolemy Philadelphos.

Ancestors: Although her family adopted Egyptian customs. They are really from Macedonia, they came with Alexandrea the great.

Birthday: 69 BC Alexandria.

Death: Her husband Mark Antony committed suicide. She did as well. She put an asp snake on her breast and let it bite her. ‘ That is what they think’.

Leadership Qualities: She was committed, she cared,she was persuasive.

Name/Title: She was Cleopatra the VII (12 th), the last pharaoh of Egypt until, Rome took over.

Education: For years her farther tought her how to rule and be a pharaoh.

Role: She was a pharoh in Egypt, the last pharoh of Egypt.



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