100 WC week 10#

When I was younger, my friends mum, my friend and I went for a walk in the park. There was this old pond and it had really dirty water in it and a lot of duck poo! my friend and I were chasing each other around the pond and I slipped on a rock and went flying into the pond and got completely soaked.

When I got out I smelt like a mixture of old water, duck poo and wee. My friends mum and my friend where laughing their heads off and ww walked home and would not go near me.


100 Word Challenge week9#

I stood with my back to the wall and looked at the ceiling, and then crash the violent storm was rumbling like a boulder pelting down a hill, cracking like smashed glass and as blinding as the sun. I ran to the window unaware of what laid ahead for me. “MOOO,” a cow said over the deafening noise, as it was swept of its feet. Toby my little dog ran through my bedroom door as it slammed shut and the house was lifted of the ground.

It took me a minuet to realize what happened. I was getting lifted off the ground.

100 WC week 8#

Crack! The leaves said. Sly the snake looked up and saw a strange creature looking back at him. It said to him “I am the owner of the house,” in a cold raspy voice, that sounded like a demon. “What are you?” Sly asked, “I’m Hades the god of the underworld and I sent you that note and on it was my address! Can you read?” Hades answered sounding as nasty as anyone has ever heard. “Okay, with that would you like a tour?…” Sly answered in a scared voice “No, this is my house I designed it!” He replied nastily.

100 WC week #7

As I walked down the street I felt a could unwanted shiver go up my spine. I looked up and slowly the sky got darker, the screams of the kids on the night of Halloween didn’t make me feel any better. I looked down as a strange man ran at me with a knife? “Oh My God! Is that a real knife?” I asked in fear. “Little girl you might want to run,” the strange man responded.

BANG BANG! “It is time to get ready for school, Lilly!” Mum screamed in an attempt to get me out of bed. “Good Morning”…….

Historical Fiction


‘Let’s go to the diner,” Layla says in her forever flirty voice. “Yeah, I love the way we get to dance with the boys!” Yells Trixie half, deafening all the girls.

“Hey guys I am hungry, let’s get a burger or something,” suggest Bran. : Yeah let’s do it!” Yells Frizz. The boys walked outside to their well-polished new motorbikes. Va-room, room, room. Went the sound of the bikes as they revved the motor.

“Can you hear that?” asked Abby getting excited. “Yeah, it’s the boys!” They all said at the same time.

“Ohh, here they are!” Lila screeched.  “Hey girls you need a ride to the diner?” Yelled Bran over the scream of the engines. “Yeah,” screamed Layla.

Layla hopped on Brans motorbike, Trixie hopped on Frizz’s motorbike, Lila on Louie’s motorbike and Abby on Charlie. It was only four in the afternoon so the shindig was in two hours.

When they arrived, they got their party on, by dancing, playing pool, drinking cherry and lime soda and talking to their friends. “Oh My God, this is so fun!” screamed Lila, because it was her first shindig ever.

At six O’clock the diner went silent and the lights turned off! No music turned on, but something else did… The screams of girls! “Layla? Layla? Layyllaa?” screamed Bran. Then all of a sudden the lights……. “OMG.” Trixie whispered, her voice shaking. No one had noticed the message written on the wall in tomato sauce saying… I HAVE LAYLA, YOU WILL NEVER GET HER BACK!!!

Then the jukebox had turned on. Not with music but a voice. “You will get her back, but in return the diner must be smashed to the ground! MWA HAHAHA MWA HAHAHAHA!” The whole dinner went silent. “What are we going to do?” asked Frizz. “Bran what do yo- Bran? Bran had run out the door and went to jump on his motorbike but saw no bikes.

All of a sudden he remembered the voice from the jukebox, and knew exactly who it was! “Dr Carter,” Bran whispered to himself. “But where will we find him?” came a mysterious voice. Then Frizz walked out of no-where. “oh it’s you and I dunno,” said Bran. “well maybe these guys know!” Frizz said as all their friends walked out of the diner. “I know where to go,” says C Cat, “to the old candy factory,” he yelled.

“I can’t open the door,” someone yelled. “Dudes we are at the wrong door,’ said Bran, “come with me!” Bran sprinted to the back door and saw all the motorbikes. “Here are all our bikes,” yelled Charlie.

While the boys smothered their motorbikes, Bran found the key and opened the door. He slowly went in by himself, following the distant voices.

“Guys where is Bran,” Louie said as a creak was heard from the now unlocked door. “Wasn’t that locked?” asked Lila. “Yes!” answered Frizz. “Guys let’s go!” said Charlie.

Bran walked slowly around the factory until something made him stop in his tracks. “Layla…” Bran ran up to save her but it was all a trap. He was scooped up and tied to some weird mechanism.

‘Dudes I hear voices,” said Charlie. “Bran… Layla…,” said Abbie overjoyed. “On the count of three we run in and save them.” Frizz explained. “3… 2… 1… GO!!” he screamed. Everyone ran in, in a flash of colours. “What the??” Dr Carter screamed as a bunch of kids took him down, and carried him away.

Frizz went with Lila to untie Bran and Layla. Everything went back to normal, but I don’t know what happened to Dr Carter…..



100 Word Challenge#6

Looking down, I was surprised to see a whole land underneath me. It felt like I belonged down there not up here breathing air. All of a sudden I felt the urge to jump in while no one was watching. 3, 2, 1. I said to myself as I took a deep breath.

The water hit me, if I was normal I would of died by hypothermia but I’m not. And then I felt my body change shape, my legs were replaced by a tail and I could breath under water. Then I heard some screaming as the people on the boat looked down…..